Pan African American Vr Experience 

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Mosaic Project

The Mosaic Project is an Pan African American Experience that is a Virtual space to show you the lives of the humans living or have lived with HIV. I feel emotionally attached to this project because being an African American Male. I understand that we are more likely to get effected with HIV/AIDs Virus then anyone else. I will be working with several Film makers, producers, actors, and artists in order to turn this VR/360/AR experience into one that will be remembered. 


This project is a pledge to get rid of HIV  by 2030 and we will end it.

This Global campaign is for HIV awareness. 

We have partnered with Youtube, Google, and Government Officials across the world in order to make this happen. The organizations of this project will be the following: United Nations, The Pan-Africanist, A very good Friend, & Starting Grid.

If you would like to know more about this project please contact me.