Michael A McNair
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An international basketball player turned business Entrepreneur. With his father being a Yale business graduate and his mother holding a doctorate from Zoe University, His Mother has been a published author for over a decade as she has published 3 books and working on her fourth even with combating Breast Cancer.

Breast Cancer in 2019 shook up Michaels entire family. Michael lost his grandmother back in 2016 and she was living with dementia. Before watching his grandmother change from who she used to be to who she was becoming didn’t sit well with Michael. He wanted to know what was going on at a deeper level. At this time he was already doing small research on Systems neuroscience and was just a researcher looking for answers. Michaels Mother recovered not only because of the great doctors and is still living today but also because his mothers ability to just believe over the current state that her body is in.

“The mind is more powerful then we could ever imagine”


Now Michael has taken that to the next level in his startup goals and beyond. He is currently living in San Francisco and is the Founder of 55B Labs a Lab Focused on harnessing the power of the human mind by creating products and services around the fundamental principle that every human has the ability to reach levels of intuition, inspiration, Instinct, imagination, and compassion. Understanding how to control these abilities and utilize them for good powers is a big but doable goal.

Michael A McNair

Previous Talks

Michael has done previous talks around his work in the healthcare space in Africa, or his knowledge around the brain and consciousness.


Panel talks

Panel speeches are usually more then one person and can exceed topics from technology to business management and marketing as well.



Michael has helped guide children of all ages from his first startup in 2011 and know he provides more of technical/science related approach.

Life is now in session.
Are you present?
— michael mcnair
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Michael McNair