AR cloud and how important it is

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Over the past decade there has been a push for innovation and change in the way we see the world. We have been given tool sets in order to do that and I believe in full autonomy and a decentralized space where people can go and connect with others. There are wars going on while small businesses are just trying to win battles. The big companies like google, apple, etc. Can’t always be first and this could be an opportunity for a small company to come in and really dedicate time and effort in to learning a better way to become connected with others.


We are falling into different realms of the world and we are starting on a path of new innovation when it comes to computing. The ability to do things are becoming easier. We are building businesses that will evolve the way we connect. One of my biggest reasons for being on this earth is the ability to connect people and making connections is something I felt I had a gift for.

As I am building this book for 2018 I have looked at alot of different emerging technology issues that I felt needed light on them and the biggest one that I felt needed to be shined light on was the AR cloud and who/when it will come about. Am I a little bias…Maybe lol I know my AR company is looking to solve not just a technical problem but a human issue that alot of us have. We can’t wait to truly reveal that to the world.

Alot of my friends like Mike Boland speak on this in several blogs about how important the AR cloud is:




I know there are alot of distractions this year with politics, blockchain, & more but the AR cloud needs to be a conversation that we as creators are speaking about at every event, and meetup.

As we continue to build our MVP/Prototype to bring to market. I have spent a lot of time taking small classes online at Stanford for Consumer Applied psychology and Mathematical thinking. Augmented Reality is going to be the new way we turn the physical into the digital & Vice Versa.

Are you involved with help building the AR cloud?

Are you working at an AR company that is?

Send me an email or give me a call about it.

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