How motivation can work for YOU.

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We Sometimes go into projects and opportunities with people feeling that everything will go wrong. We become afraid of our own shadow and really refuse to put ourselves out there for people.

Why do you think that?

Mainly because we have been hurt before, and we don’t want to get hurt again. 100s of years ago we would all have a small group of people in a circle. We grew up in past history with people that we knew. This goes back to the ancient days and we are taught that a stranger within the community ISN’t a good thing. Most of us all our lives have been told about strangers and bad people that when we get older we are afraid to try anything. So what do we do? We do whatever everyone else is doing. This could get boring.

“ The brain has the ability to be on autopilot and has an executive system that can be controlled and programmed. If we are not careful we could be getting controlled by the wrong things” — William Schneider


A community is great, and is very useful but can a working community shift and make changes without breaking their current views and norms?

Can a community of people make shifts to society and technology?

How is your community of people?

When I was younger I was taught to love people for who they are. I grew up in a small town with a lot of people that knew who you were. This wasn’t bad…Until I started to out “Mind” the people in my community. There is nothing wrong with staying the straight and narrow. There is nothing wrong with people thinking one minded. Are is there? How many of us actually cultivate a true fruitful life by only thinking one way? How many of us understand that only a diverse group of people can build for a diverse country?


We are not taught to challenge ourselves in certain communities because once you get into these communities you must bide by what is already going on. People don’t like change, and we certainly don’t like people coming in and mixing the pot up. So when you meet someone with a different idea, a risky idea, and clever idea. We are first taken back because we don’t understand. People fear what they don’t understand!



If a company or person isn’t willing to change should be alarming to anyone.

A good tip is to ask yourself great questions. What am I learning currently? Is my job invested in teaching me different things? Will I be given an opportunity to utilize these skills?

Every 6 months ask yourself if you have learned something new and write down the things that you have learned that are new. Then repeat every 6 months. This will accelerate your life drastically.

Over years I have come to realize that motivation is part environment/people and part taught learned habit. Over about 10 years of my short life I have always wanted to be better. I always wanted more. As a young kid some of us are taught to that you can do whatever you want to do and be whatever you want to be.


Some of us are not told that. As a young kid I was told over and over again that I could. I had that very high parenting attribute that not a lot of people get. I understand now that it was a gift NOT a curse.

Tip: Question ask yourself

  1. What is that you are willing to do to become someone you never thought you could be?

Surround yourself with interesting people doing interesting things. A lot of people that are trying to go places in life don’t like a negative person that knows everything. People understand that life changes and that we must sometimes conform to what the “universe” gives you but it doesn’t mean we are going to be there the whole time.

“If you are born poor that is not your fault, but if you die poor that is your fault”- Bill Gates

Tips: Question

How many times a day do you do something that you actually enjoy subtract the following?: eating, sleeping, drinking, hanging out with friends, & diving into social media.

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