Education behind VR & AR

How Can Augmented Reality Improve Our Lives


Augmented reality is a technology that connects computer-generated images to the user. This process involves the direct or indirect view of the real world whose elements are augmented by perceptual information in a computer. The user's perception of the real world is altered and is replaced by a simulated one.  It takes an expert like Michael McNair, CEO of UnicornAR to revolutionize the way people look at the world. His innovations in the augmented reality world serve to provide awareness of how AR can be a vital asset to improving our lives. Through his work in UnicornAR, McNair hopes to open our eyes to how this invention can save lives, improve our marketing strategy, magnify the entertainment industry, reduce car accidents, and help us walk in another person's shoe.


Augmented medical practice

The technology will be used to enhance medical treatment and improve the diagnosis of diseases. Medical practitioners can now perform smooth surgeries with the help of information provided by  Augmented Reality. Vital data can be obtained from the patient to assist in the procedure for the practitioners to increase their efficiency and performance. The AR is paired with the advancement of the Internet to help improve healthcare. This will enhance patient-friendly solutions in the future from technology. Innovations in the field of AR will help patients recover faster.


Augmented reality in marketing and sales

Augmented reality will enhance the business sector. The technology gives customers two important features of modern marketing, a chance to view and try the products through a personalized approach. This will advance the E-commerce sector as it will allow buyers to examine the quality and suitability of the product they want to buy online. The buyer can make visual tours to save time and accelerate business transactions. This will be helpful as the product is presented to the consumer before they decide to purchase. The technology will revolutionize shopping experience for the shoppers and the sales team.


Augmented reality Entertainment

This technology is set to flourish in the entertainment sector.  Augmented reality is used to develop gadgets such as headsets. The technology is also used to enhance the gaming experience. This will turn your environment into an interactive gaming landscape. This approach is proven to be successful as it stimulates personal imagination making the experience more natural and entertaining.  Augmented reality also enhances tourists experience giving them a chance to virtually wander through various places.


Safe driving

 Augmented reality provides visual information to the driver about speed limits, parking lots, and gas stations. It also assists drivers to navigate while driving at night. The technology has prompted the innovation of building autonomous vehicles that can link up, thus further enhances the safety experience and reduce the frequency of accidents.


Augmented Empathy

 Augmented reality has helped improved people's understanding of illness such as autism.  Autism is a mental condition that develops in childhood and can result in difficulty in communication. This will help educate the public in understanding the symptoms, and how it looks and feels to be diagnosed with autism, dementia, and other disorders. Augmented reality helps people to empathize and understand information about various diseases and disorders at a deeper level. This virtual experience can also entice people to donate to a charitable cause. It's hard to get people to understand the importance of donation to improve scientific research. However, with the help of augmented reality, people are more willing to make the donation.