San Francisco, California 



Michael likes traveling and working around the clock for his businesses. If you are hosting an event in the Tri-State area or in New York he would be happy to assist. At age 29 traveling is something that has become easy to him. Michael has traveled from Europe (Italy) all across the world to give talks and lessons about entrepreneurship and training.


Father of 1, Named Christopher McNair. Michael is ecstatic about giving him a better future then he could ever imagine. As a kid Michael was mainly raised by his mother who was mother of 5 and he understands how it is to struggle in life but we all struggle but it is mainly about how you get out of it and teach others. 



Illicit mind — "The energy you bring is amazing"

Seed of Fortune — Thank you for all the work you do in the community

NYVR EXPO attendee from Hong Kong— "Hearing you speak about diversity & inclusion in Virtual & Augmented reality was a breathe of fresh air."

Thank you



Originally a basketball coach with such a creative side to the game that he developed an app that connected trainers and clients around the country. Son of Dolores and Gerald. A Yale graduate, and doctor in ministry. He has moved his career from coaching kids all over the world to building companies for the future. Virtual & Augmented Reality to him is the biggest thing since the computer and he wants to be an pioneer. Michael is a self-taught programmer with an degree in business marketing. 



"we still hear great things from our hackers about mike, he did a great job" — John Katt