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An international basketball player turned business Entrepreneur. With his father being a Yale business graduate and his mother holding a doctorate from Zoe University, Michael is no stranger to hard work. Even as an athlete growing up, Michael always had a strong interest in technology. He was always focused on sports but his curiosity for technology and art couldn't be denied. He taught himself how to code in one year and is an avid reader of authors like Tony Robbins, Tim Ferris, & Laura Vaanderkam. Soon after playing basketball in Italy, he started his own company which led him to attending the Forbes under 30 summit in Boston of 2016.


Upcoming Events




Seminars are always interactive and fun. Michael will take your topic you are trying to convey and tell a story about what grit and resilience takes. Seminars are usually hosted for the day but extending is availble. 


Panel talks

Panel speeches are usually more then one person and can exceed topics from technology to business management and marketing as well.



Our mentoring program is a hands on program that gives kids, adults, startups, or corporate executives that chance to get all the knowledge and steps they need to really cultivate a great life.

Life is now in session.
Are you present?
— michael mcnair
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Michael McNair